Sunday, 5 November 2017

words like seeds broadcast

Visiting the Norwich Print Fair in September, I discovered Colin Johnson's work: 'I walk and I collect artefacts and fragments, my work is an exploration of these found pieces.'

Alongside Colin's prints, there were fantastic pick-n-mix style mounds of detritus from Norfolk beaches that Colin had given a uniformity to by cutting everything to a small square size. I was drawn to the pieces that contained letters and text.
Using objects found whilst walking as source material for print is very attractive. I like the fact that what you find depends not only on the location of your walk, but also on what you happen to notice & pick up whilst walking. I used 4 of Colin's pieces in this print along with ash seed from a street in Norwich, and cut up cardboard pieces.
I discovered the line of text (printed here as blind embossed metal type) whilst walking near Reepham on Marriott's Way, which follows the route of a disused railway line. Along the path you come across benches and sculptures made from railway sleepers and tracks. The phrase 'seeds like words broadcast' was carved into one bench. I can't find the origin of this phrase, but it stuck in my head. I changed the word order on this print. I enjoy the fact that you can put these 4 words in almost any order and still find a meaning.

This print, along with 2 others in the series, will be on show in an exhibition entitled 'Found' at The Old Passage in Arlingham, Gloucestershire from the end of November until April 2018.

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