Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Winter coat pocket treasures

We inherited my dad's long winter overcoat, and when my son was trying it on for size, we decided to check the inside pockets, and found these treasures!

The theatre ticket is from the Theatre Royal in Norwich. Going to the pantomime at Christmas with my grandparents & auntie was one of the holiday rituals. Wondering what the panto might have been 46 years ago, I googled "Theatre Royal Norwich 1967 pantomime" and to my delight was directed to an Eastern Daily Press article uploaded yesterday which contained an image of the dame in the 1967 production of ... Babes in the Wood!

The bus ticket is a Cheltenham District Traction Company ticket, probably purchased for a journey from Cheltenham to Prestbury on either the number 1 bus, or the 587 service. I can remember the smell and taste (I used to roll them up and "smoke" them) of those paper tickets.

The news receipt will have come from Prestbury Post Office and Newsagents where my parents ordered their newspapers. February 3rd was on a Saturday in 1968, just a few days before my 9th birthday.

The little note is written by me, and I am very touched that it stayed safe in dad's pocket for all those years. It is a request with the relevant telephone number and says,"Harriet come to tea on saturday with play clothes." Those were the days (my friend) when the black dialled telephone sat alone on the hall window sill, and was used nearly exclusively by our parents, who answered any call with a recital of the number, in the form of a question: "Hello, Cheltenham 7666?"

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